How To Grow Watermelons

Watermelons are greedy. They need a lot of room to spread, a lot of water, good drainage, lots of sunlight and lots of nutrients. Despite all these needs, they are very easy to grow.  Watermelons grow from seed. However, don’t use seed out of melons you bought because they probably hybrids which are special crosses that… Read More How To Grow Watermelons


Water for Africa: From soil to seed and growth to harvesting

Water is not only essential for the production of crops, fisheries and livestock, but also for the processing and preparation of these foods and products. Water is the lifeblood of ecosystems, including forests, lakes, and wetlands, on which the food and nutritional security of present and future generations depends. From soil to seed, to growth… Read More Water for Africa: From soil to seed and growth to harvesting


Growing Cabbage: A Guideline

When you grow your cabbage successfully, you’re guaranteed bumper harvests. What’s more is the fact that you can plant cabbages throughout the year. All you need is enough land to rotate your crops as well as disease and pest control and you can enjoy non-stop harvests.


How To Prune Herbs

If you want your herbs to grow into their most luscious, abundant self, then you need to know how to prune them. Pruning herbs or cutting off leaves and parts of stems helps them grow well. Left unpruned, your plant will grow and blossom but also starts to die. Regular pruning also alerts you to disease… Read More How To Prune Herbs


Causes of Abdominal Problems In Chickens

Swollen abdomen in chickens is a common problem most poultry farmers face. But that’s not all. Apart from death, other chicken abnominal conditions can lead losses. You could end up having fewer eggs and less meat to eat and sell while spending more on food and medication.