An Inventive Agricultural Opportunity

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard about how Serenje District Farmers’ Association are making charcoal from maize cobs in Zambia. You don’t have to grow crops or raise animals to invest in the agricultural industry in Zambia.


7 Tips For Raising Goats

Goats don’t require high initial investment in comparison to other livestock in Zambia. Furthermore, Zambia exports most of it’s goat products. So, if you have a herd of goats or are planning to start raising them, there a few things you need to keep in mind.


Why you should raise ducks

If you’re a small scale farmer in Zambia, you’re probably familiar with raising ducks. Just like chicken and turkey, duck meat is a good source of food and income.There are so many different breeds of ducks. But there are three common and popular breeds in raising ducks for resale. These are the Pekin, Rouen and Muscovy. Of these three,… Read More Why you should raise ducks


Drying fruit made easy – Make a solar dehydrator

Buying dried fruit in Zambia often comes with a hefty price tag. Is the process of removing moisture before food begins to decompose really that hectic? Is it that labour intensive and time consuming? Only the first time. That’s because you have to build your own dehydrator. But don’t fear cause today, I’ll show you how.


How to plant and grow Cashew

The cashew nut is mainly farmed in the west of Zambia. With low production levels, low cashew quality and the lack of quality standards, this is definitely an agricultural opportunity to explore in Zambia. Cashews grow on trees. They are also known as nuts. However, the cashew nut is not the only fruit of the cashew tree. The other… Read More How to plant and grow Cashew