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Three FREE marketing tools you can use to make your business a success…

Use every opportunity to market your agricultural business. Through effective marketing you’ll be able to win customers and offer products that’ll bring you noticeable profits. Just think about it, no one is going to walk into your field and just buy your produce unless they know that your business exists and know what crops you grow or aimals you rear.

1. Make a video in the comfort of your home and get your brand out there

If you own a smartphone, you can make a simple video at a very low cost. You can even download free video editing software to your smartphone like, Videoshow. Then, share the video with your social media networks free on channels like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This doesn’t have to be video of you talking. It can be one of the different products on your farm.

The trick is to constantly showcase your agricultural business.

2. Use social media networking tools to market your business

Use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Zambians love these platforms. You must not underestimate them. Facebook can help you get the word out there – It’s all about reaching out, interacting and connecting. So make your presence felt. Post frequently about your latest projects and also comment on other pages.

Twitter is another tool that you can effectively utilise to show off your agricultural produce. Twitter can help you connect with relevant people in the industry. For example, follow the tweets of a farmer, here you might find inspiration and ideas about which clients to target next.

This free tool can help you get acquainted and develop a professional network with other farmers or potential clients. After, make sure that you’re active, by always replying to tweets.

3. Word of mouth – A great way to increase your marketing base

Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing. When potential customers get a recommendation about your business from a friend or acquaintance it boosts their confidence, they begin to trust you, and encourages them to use your services.

Word of mouth could remove any doubt they may had previously had.

After every project, ask your client to pass your name along to anyone else that they might know who would be interested in your service. Also ask them if you can leave extra business cards with them in the email. If they agree, good for your business but if they don’t push them into getting referrals for you.

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