Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Cabbage

Hello farmers, we’re here with common questions we’ve been getting about growing cabbage. This is a follow-up article from “A guideline to growing cabbage.” If you have not read that already please click here to go to that article. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about cabbage growing.

How long do cabbage seeds take to germinate?

They take 7-15 days

How long does cabbage take to grow?

It takes approximately 3 months to grow

How many heads can you get from 1 hectare?

Approximately 40,000 heads

How much does a head of cabbage cost?

Depending on location and season, one head of cabbage can cost K5 – K12

How often should I water my cabbages?

Cabbages don’t do well if they sit in soggy soil for too long. So, give them a good weekly soak. It’s better to water like this than several shallow soaks, as cabbage roots run deep.

What fertilizer application process should I follow?

4 days after transplanting: Apply 15 gram/ plant (150kg/Lima) Veg Mix B.
17 days later, apply Veg Top 24 – 2.5 grams per plant,(25kg/Lima)
Every 14 days apply top dressing. Add Veg Top 24 x 2.5 grams per plant (25kg/Lima). Apply the fertilizer 3cm deep, 5cm away from the plant followed by irrigation to prevent scorching. You can stop after the 5th application.

Do you have a complete guide on growing cabbage?

Please read this article: How to grow cabbage

When can I harvest my plants?

Harvest when heads are hard to hand pressure, ie 8-10 weeks for small varieties and about 12 weeks for bigger varieties when grown from seedling

Why do my cabbage heads split?

The main reason for splitting heads is too much water entering the head. Avoid watering the cabbage heads directly. Another reason is an unhealthy root system. Too much growth of the root system can send a huge amount of water to the head. Also, look out for maturity.

How can I manage diseases?

Please read this article: Managing cabbage pests and diseases

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  1. […] Fertilize your plants when growing especially just before transplanting. 10-10-10 or 12-12-12 fertilizer works best. Once the seedlings are about 16 cm, fertilize them again with a well-balanced water-soluble fertilizer. When the heads start to form, add a second dose of water-soluble fertilizer. This will give the cabbages the energy they need to produce large, nicely formed heads. For a detailed fertilizer application program, go here. […]

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