Fly control for various types of livestock

Hot weather is here, and so are the insects. No matter the size of your farm or the animals you raise, when the weather gets warmer, bugs become a bother. Let’s talk a little about fly control, why you should care about controlling these six-legged pests, and how to do it.


Life as a farmer

Now that the farming season is in full swing, the line between work and life has probably become blurry or nonexistent. Well, it can be so easy to drown yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally into your projects that you forget about yourself. It happens to most of us when we’re so focused on getting work… Read More Life as a farmer


How to grow potatoes in bags

What I love about potatoes is that they can grow almost anywhere, even with limited space. You can grow them in reusable potato growbags or sacks(mumasaka) which you can find anywhere. These are easy to place on a balcony, patio, greenhouse or just in your backyard. What’s more, they make harvesting pretty easy!


How To Grow Potatoes

Planting potatoes, growing them into beautiful plants, and then harvesting two handfuls of small, knobby potatoes can get any farmer frustrated. However, if you plan and do things properly from the beginning, you can have a good harvest.