5 Common Chicken Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Poultry farming is one of the most common farming practices in Zambia. However, your poultry is susceptible to abnormal conditions that cause some of the common chicken diseases that interfere with productivity. Such conditions are caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria or environmental stress. It is essential to combat diseases once you spot them to regain… Read More 5 Common Chicken Diseases and How to Prevent Them


Growing cabbages in bags

Can you grow a cabbage in a bag? Yes, you can! Growing cabbages in bags is easy, as long as you don’t crowd them. It’s actually a good idea to grow them in bags if you’re short on space, have poor soil, or just don’t want to plant them in the ground.


10 Tips For Growing Cabbages

It takes a bit of extra effort and time to grow reasonably-sized cabbages. However, growing big cabbages can take some serious focus. If you want to learn how to grow bigger cabbage heads, there are a few rules that you have to follow. Here are 10 tips for growing big cabbages:

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What Is Crop Rotation And Why Is It Important

Crop rotation is the practice of growing different crops throughout the year, or from one year to the next, in order to improve soil fertility, control pests, and a variety of other benefits. Most small-scale Zambian farmers are seasonal farmers, therefore, do not practice crop rotation. They use pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.


Causes of Abdominal Problems In Chickens

Swollen abdomen in chickens is a common problem most poultry farmers face. But that’s not all. Apart from death, other chicken abnominal conditions can lead losses. You could end up having fewer eggs and less meat to eat and sell while spending more on food and medication.

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Two ways to build your reputation so your clients can keep coming back

I’ve been buying chickens from one supplier for a couple of years now and I can proudly say I’m one of their best clients. However, I’ve noticed that my supplier is starting to slack. My chickens are not properly dressed most times or they are extremely small. This has made me consider changing suppliers but… Read More Two ways to build your reputation so your clients can keep coming back