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Why are my chickens not laying eggs?

What am I doing wrong? This is a question that every poultry farmer asks when their chickens are not laying enough eggs. If this is you, you’re probably looking for solutions right now. I feel your pain and hope this article helps you solve your production challenges.


Heat Stress in Chickens

It’s the hot season again! That time of the year when poultry farmers face challenges in managing their flocks. During this season there is a high mortality rate among chickens as a result of heat stress.


Lifespan of a hen

Chickens are one of the most common livestock. They are also among the farm animals with the shortest lifespan of all. A hen is an adult female chicken mostly known for its role in egg laying, hatching, and breeding. Because of this, farmers and poultry owners pay more attention to the well-being and life span… Read More Lifespan of a hen


5 Common Chicken Diseases and How to Prevent Them

Poultry farming is one of the most common farming practices in Zambia. However, your poultry is susceptible to abnormal conditions that cause some of the common chicken diseases that interfere with productivity. Such conditions are caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria or environmental stress. It is essential to combat diseases once you spot them to regain… Read More 5 Common Chicken Diseases and How to Prevent Them


Causes of Abdominal Problems In Chickens

Swollen abdomen in chickens is a common problem most poultry farmers face. But that’s not all. Apart from death, other chicken abnominal conditions can lead losses. You could end up having fewer eggs and less meat to eat and sell while spending more on food and medication.