A Profitable Fresh Flower Every Farmer Should Consider Growing

We usually leave the growing of flowers to Horticulturists. However, fresh flower farming can produce a substantial income for small growers. But not just any flowers. I’m talking about Lavender.

You can sell the Lavender fresh flowers  in bundles or dried flower bunches to florists and hobbyists for dried arrangements and wreaths. But this is not all. Lavender farming is an ideal business that can produce a tidy income year-round.

There’s high demand for lavender and lavender products in Zambia especially among manufacturers of value-added products.

Advantages of growing Lavender

Lavender is not only easy to grow, but is quite disease-free as long as you give the plants well-drained soil, and avoid visiting it with wet feet. What’s more, is that Lavender is a long-lasting herb. It has a lifespan of 12-15 years in the ground. And the nice thing about it is you can produce new plants from cuttings. Thus making it easy to not only replace older plants, but expand your growing area at a minimal cost. Furthermore, because lavender is very easy to dry, it is mostly used to make value-added products all year-round instead of just during the growing season.

Value-Added Lavender Products

The best way to ensure success in growing this plant is to “add value”  by selling lavender products in addition to fresh cut lavender flowers. Below are five examples of value-added products you can sell:

  • Sachets. Lavender sachets have dozens of uses. This makes them steady sellers. People use sachets in closets, bathrooms and drawers as an air freshener, in bags, and in pillows to promote restful sleep. Once you find a market, you’ll never go wrong.
  • Dried lavender bundles. Florists and crafters use dried lavender bunches to create wreaths, floral arrangements and other craft products. It’s easy to dry a bunch. Al you have to do is hang it upside-down in a well-ventilated space.
  • Aromatherapy oil. If you have the know how, you can sell lavender oil in small personal sized bottles. You can also sell it in personal care products like lotions, shampoo and creams. Lavender oil is one of the most used essential oils, valued for it’s calming, soothing effect.
  • Lavender lotions. Your lavender products will be different from  the other mass-market factory-made products. You could become an instant cosmetic entrepreneur and use your lavender oil to make ointments, lotions, creams and shampoos with all-natural ingredients.
  • Lavender soap. This one is very popular. And again with your personalized touch, you could create beautiful gift items. It’s a big repeat seller and if you do it correctly, you could quickly build a client base by word of mouth.

The benefits of lavender don’t end there

To increase the yield of a crop, you have to understand the plants needs.  You have to provide the extra nutrients to replace those removed during harvest particularly the most vital elements for plant development, Nitrogen. Lavender is your answer. You could start growing it for this reason while you look for a market. Click here to read more.


11 thoughts on “A Profitable Fresh Flower Every Farmer Should Consider Growing

  1. The information is great, but there are questions, like how long it takes for lavender to grow, where one can find the seeds, how to grow it and others. Please do a follow up article to this that should answer these and many other questions

    1. Good day Hanhinda,

      We’ll definitely do a follow up article on how to grow lavender. Otherwise, seeds can be found everywhere.

  2. I need to start farming lavender but require a business model for value addition for oil and soap products for export.

  3. I am very much ready to commence lavender cultivation. However help me with proper timing to plant and furthermore email me the selling price of the bundles per kg/Tonne on international market and local. Also guide on the prospects of value addition

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