Four Good Reasons To Start Raising Quail

Raising quail is not only easy, but because they are less than half the size of chickens, they take less space, time or resources. However, quail are not as common as chickens in Zambia. Therefore, you may have to do a bit of work to find them. So, if you’ve never really considered raising quail, then this post could definitely be the one for you.

Quails are small birds and are actually viewed as a delicacy. But that’s not all. There are health benefits to keeping quail, especially the eggs. Quail eggs can be used to boost your immune system, improve your memory and also treat ailments such as coughs, asthma and allergies. And, if you’re allergic to chicken eggs, you could be able to eat quail eggs.  Here are four good reasons why you should consider raising quail:

1. They don’t cost as much as chickens to feed

Quail really don’t each as much especially when compared to a chicken. Don’t get me wrong, chickens are profitable but they are much more costly when it comes to feed.  But if you to look at quail, you will soon realize that they are a more budget friendly animal than a chicken. Therefore, if you want to try poultry farming on a tight budget, then you should seriously consider quail.

Quail aren’t greedy. They only eat what they need in a day. Therefore, it be easy for you to know if you are over or under feeding them just by looking at how much food is left over.

2. They hatch very quickly

Quail are quick to start laying, quick to mature for meat, and also quick to hatch. In fact, quail can mate as early as 2 months of age and produce hatching eggs after another month. Therefore, in a short period of time, you could have a setting quail waiting to produce more and increase your flock.

3. They don’t take up too much space

I’ll go back and compare the chicken to the quail on this one. So, you thought chickens take up little space? Well,  free range (village) chickens only require about 0.4 m2 per bird of coop space because they are really only in there to sleep.

Broiler chickens on the other hand, only require about 1 m2 per bird. which isn’t alot of space. But, quail require even less. And, depending on the breed you buy, they could only need 0.09 m2  of space per bird. Imagine that! A tiny egg, meat and income source that hardly takes up any space.

4. They don’t easily get sick

I’m not saying they are invincible, but quail are hardy birds that don’t get sick frequently. Of course this is as long as you keep their environment clean from manure. Also, as long as you ensure they are not crowded into a pen that is too small, they won’t give you few health problems. All you have to do is clean their feeders and waters. Also, scrub any manure out of their pen to avoid coccidiosis and Quail Disease, which are only transported by manure. Avoid startling them because they fly vertically when startled and will hurt their necks on the roof.

It’s easy to successfully raise quail. And I’m sure you’ll find them as rewarding as keeping chickens. If not more.

33 thoughts on “Four Good Reasons To Start Raising Quail

  1. this is indeed a very interesting topic. Who sells Quail eggs and or day old chicks? What is the maximum weight gain of a live bird? On a commercial scale, do they eat the same feed as Broilers? Also, would they need the same vaccination/ stress pack regime as Broilers?
    Thank you.
    Mahesh Amin

    1. Hi Mahesh,

      That’s some research you’ll have to do. Speak to breeding companies like Hybrid. They could know or give a recommendation. We’ll look at doing a follow up on the whole process in the near future.

      All the best!

    2. Hi Mahesh, I raise quails. You can let me know if are interested in day old quails or quail eggs. They multiply really quickly

    1. I need fertilised quail eggs especially the jumbo pure breed and Curtonix A&M also pure breed if you have them kindly contact me on 0971821064

  2. Am john fk msadala
    Am interested in quail farming please i need quails even 150 or 200 please contact me

  3. I have started producing quails just at home. I am expanding my capacity until I go commercial.
    please highlight me on marketing of these birds.
    I am in Lufwanyama Copper belt
    WhatsApp line 0955937864

    1. Hi Jelam, you have to do market research. Farm wat you can sell but ensure you know who your customers are before you even start.

  4. I am interested in the quail farming business but have little knowledge about it am kindly asking for some help from those who have knowledge on it and have succeeded in the business…?

  5. I have pure Jumbo quail and fertilized eggs for sale. I have 500 birds which are 45 days old. All those interested to call me on 260 978173885.

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