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Two ways to build your reputation so your clients can keep begging for more

So you wonder why it’s easy for others to sell their produce. You also wonder why they’ve managed to maintain client relationships. If you follow these two rules I’m about to give you today, you’ll never go wrong.

1. Deliver on time – Under promise and over deliver

Discipline is important if you want to thrive in this business. Nothing will kill your career and reputation faster than a missed deadline.

Yes, you want to offer prompt turn around times to your clients to keep them happy but only do so if they’re realistic.

It’s much better to say that you’ll give your clients their work on Thursday and then send it to them a day early, as opposed to giving an earlier deadline and pulling your hair out to meet it.

This is under promising and over delivering.

Proficiency and self-discipline are important traits for successful freelance writing. To deliver on time, make sure you understand your writing qualities – From the time of day you work best to the time it takes you to write 500 words – And you’ll soon watch your work routine slip into place.

And work hard to build trust with your clients. If you do, your efforts will be rewarded, you’ll be able to retain clients and prolong the lifespan of your business.

2. Deliver best quality by doing what you can

Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Always try to say yes to less because when you add a new project to your already full plate, you’ll skimp on quality.

Before you agree to a project, check if you’ll be able to work on it and deliver quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that quantity doesn’t play a role. But the less projects you work on at once means the more attention you can give that project.

You’ll be able to apply a higher quality of work and this will lead to consistently outstanding work.

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