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Nine Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas

If you’re thinking of getting into the agricultural sector but worried that may not make any money, I have some good news for you. Apart from domestic demand, the agricultural industry brings in huge export prospects. However, to make money from an agricultural business, you need to have the knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business.

1. Soya Beans Processing

Soya beans can be processed commercially to produce soya flour, milk, soya sauce, soya bean oil…  It is a very profitable agricultural business idea and requires moderate capital to start. With a good marketing strategy, a determined entrepreneur can start this business on a small scale and grow it.

2. Musroom Farming

Mushroom farming can be financially rewarding in just a few weeks with considerably low start up capital investment to start a business. The cultivation of mushroom is an art and requires both study and experience. It offers better returns than most agribusinesses in Zambia. Click here to find out how to grow mushrooms.

3. Medicinal Herbs Farming

Growing medicinal herbs commercially can be a profitable agricultural business idea. Marijuana is not yet legal but other herbs include tansy, blood flower, hyssop, alfalfa and wild quinine. This business venture doesn’t require huge capital but marketing is key. You can approach manufacturers regarding ingredients they use that you could consider producing.

4. Sunflower farming

A sunflower farming business is often called a commercial cash crop. If you’re really passionate about agriculture and have enough land, you can start a sunflower farming business. The sunflower is an ideal multipurpose plant. The flower head has hundreds of tiny inflorescences grouped together into what appears to be a single flower head. Click here to find out why you should consider growing sunflowers.

5. Goat Farming

Due to its good economic prospects, rearing goats commercially has been gaining momentum for the past couple of years. Goats don’t require high initial investment in comparison to other livestock in Zambia. Furthermore, Zambia exports most of it’s goat products. So, if you have a herd of goats or are planning to start raising them, there a few things you need to keep in mind.

6. Bee Keeping

The beekeeping business is one that requires skill. The opportunity demands day-to-day monitoring. With the increasing awareness about the health benefits of bee products, demand is on the rise globally. Bees can be kept for selling honey and other products such as wax. The advantage of this business is the fact that you don’t need to have lots of land to start. You can even provide pollination services to other local farmers who need it.

7. Potato Powder

Potato starch and potato flour are two value added potato products that bring in valuable returns to food processors. And, a smart farmer trying to diversify knows that the global consumption of potato as food is shifting from fresh potatoes to added-value, processed food products. Potato powder is used as a thickener or base in the preparation of gravies and soups. The processing method is also not very complex. Click here for details.

8. Fruit and Vegetable Export

Fruits vegetables export business demands an adequate knowledge about foreign markets. If you are living in an area with good fruit and vegetable production, you should consider starting an export business starting just from your local growers. The export import sector is hugely organized and you will get sufficient data in your hand. The most beneficial part of this business is, you can start this venture from your own home.

9. Livestock Feed Production

Livestock feed production business can be initiated with proper planning and know how about the right mixing formula. Most of the livestock farmers are always searching for right food and food supplementary product for their farm. With good research and a good formulation, the sky is the limit.

10. Spice Processing

There rising demand for well processed spices not only locally but globally too. Processing and packaging methods are not too complex and the returns are also very satisfying.

48 thoughts on “Nine Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas

  1. Hi, I’m looking at starting some kind of agricultural venture on my plot(50 x 150) in Mongu by a lake( Lake Makapaela). The place is rather sandy. Any ideas?

    1. Sand, like clay, is medium in which anything will grow subject to its being prepared and maintained properly. For the best results when growing in sandy soil, add plenty of compost, leaf mold, spent mushroom compost or other organic matter to improve water retention, and fertilize according to the crop’s requirements. Crops with deep taproots love light, loose, and well-drained sands. These soils drain so rapidly, however, that even in water-abundant climates, vegetables suited for sandy soils must thrive in low-water and low-fertility conditions.

      1 Carrot
      2 Parsnip
      3 Beet
      4 Radish
      5 Herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano)
      6 Onion
      7 Garlic
      8 Potato
      9 lettuce (Lactuca sativa) Remember to water regularly, especially on hot or windy days, so that the ground around the plants’ roots never dries out.

    2. Papaya production will give you good returns, you will need 1000 dwarf Carina seeds or seedlings,thats the conditions in grows in, you will make nothing less than k70,000 after 8months as the plant matures in 5months, and after that more fruits up to 60 fruits will be harvested, and you will have potential to make more than k300000 every after 4 months…
      For a good 5 years.. It’s worth trying, am available to technical advise.

      1. thanks for the information. so roughly how much is needed to start up a papaya plantation with 1000 seedlings and where can one get those seedlings from?

    1. Mr Felix don’t u wish to sell some part of yo land???Iam really in need of a small piece of land…I stay in Kitwe..

      1. Hello Taonga .. I have a similar vision but for Chipata ….Maybe we can get in touch and share our ideas and learn from each other.

  2. I have more than 50 hectares vagine land in muchinshi chingola area with laterite soil, can cashew nut be suitable or which plants pliz advise me

    1. Mr Felix don’t u wish to sell some part of yo land???Iam really in need of a small piece of land…I stay in Kitwe..

  3. I’m in Sinazongwe District and have half hectare of land by lake kariba, I’m thinking mushroom cultivation, but I don’t know where to get inputs like seeds

  4. Zambian youths should go into farming and not waiting until when in the 50s time is now or never am currently working in the mines here in chingola planning to start Serious farming.Soya beans,fish,pig farming village chicken laying and bee keeping what is it that I should do

    1. This is one decision you’ll have to make Emmanuel. What experience do you have and who will mentor you? These are two questions that will help you make a decision. All the best!

    2. I hear cornflower and tomatoes are very profitable plants, how labor intensive are they and where can I get the best inputs which one is the best soil for them? your response will highly appreciated!

  5. Am planning to grow cabbage, what type of seeds can you recommend? Secondly, can I add fertilizer to cabbage nessesary? Your response will highly be appreciated.

  6. Mr Felix don’t u wish to sell some part of yo land???Iam really in need of a small piece of land…I stay in Kitwe..

  7. I would like to start up a soy bean growing venture, how labour intensive is it,and how are the returns in comparison to the inputs?

  8. We produce white button and oyster mushrooms spores (spawns) if you need please whatsapp +260 9651 28 505.

  9. I believe that we are all fine by the grace of God, I am a youngboy aged 21 , holding a very good g12 certificate, I am planning to venture into agric, and particularily general agriculture. And my concern is that ,is g agriculture a good career to go for? Please help me?

    1. Hi Gift, You’ll be more fulfilled when your work and passion come together. So, if agriculture is what you want, then follow your heart.

  10. I would like to venture into growing culinary herbs on a large scale? i am currently doing a market research, do you think its a viable business in Zambia?

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