An Inventive Agricultural Opportunity

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard about how Serenje District Farmers’ Association are making charcoal from maize cobs in Zambia. You don’t have to grow crops or raise animals to invest in the agricultural industry in Zambia.

Make extra income from what was previous considered as waste

Imagine yourself fascinated by a pile of cow dung on the road. Not a good site right?
Well this is a natural resource that you should be exploring. You can use cow dung and maize cobs to make charcoal. But before I show you how, I just want to highlight a few advantages:
Maize cobs and cow dung are widely available
Minimal processing is required
They are easy to make
Easy to light, burn very hot and leaves few ashes
Maize cob and cow dung charcoal means ZERO reliance on tree’s or LPG gas for fuel.

How to make your charcoal

Ordinary drum (5.5 galon capacity)
Chimney on top
Opening on top
sets of air ventilation, 1 foot apart with ½ inch holes equally distributed around the drum (to obtain even burning)
rounded wood 4 inches in diameter
rag to be ignited from the bottom


Cow Dung Charcoal

1. Mix in one pail or container: 1 part rice hull, 6 parts cow dung (or horse)
2. Place weight in mixture to remove excess water.
3. Pour in molds with both ends open (to remove easily when it gets hard).
4. Remove from molds and dry under the sun for three to four days.

maize cob charcoal

Maize Cobs Charcoal

1. Place maize cobs about 1/3 of the drum and put fire until smoke is gone.
2. Place again 2/3 drum of maize cobs and burn until smoke disappears.
3. When smoke stops, remove the contents of the drum.
4. Water the maize cobs until the fire is put off.
5. Lay the corn cobs on the ground and let the drum dry.
6. Separate the charcoal from the ashes.
7. Keep in a container

Come back here and share your experience.

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